A house manager usually has responsibilities related to the functionality of the house, such as supervising and coordinating cleaning and maintenance workers. While a concierge would add greatness to a guest’s experience. When a personal concierge comes within a house rental, oftentimes offers services without any awareness of the significant impact the tourism industry has been having on our community.

At Your Concierge in Costa Rica, we acknowledge the local issues that are arising with the excessive development that began after the worldwide pandemic, when many people moved, partially or fully, next to a beach in the tropics and started working remotely. As a consequence, many foreign investors came into this area to buy land, develop new construction and businesses to supply the higher demand.

Unfortunately, the lack of awareness of many of them brought contamination in our rivers and oceans; and their lack of connection with this place and the local community make them not really thoughtful with the needs of local workers.

A big part of our mission is to address these issues, and we understand that our clients are conscious beings who appreciate being part of this solution and most importantly, they care about leaving a positive impact in this paradise that we all love and come to enjoy.